Teacher Resources

Links to Resources

abcya.com (Responsible Chucho)

Brainpop (Responsible Chucho)

Britannica School (Responsible Chucho)

CLI Engage PK-K (Responsibles Principals and Mr. Deal)

CODE.ORG (Responsible Chucho)

CODE Group (Mr. Potts)

CODE Group (Mrs. Albrecht)

Discovery Education (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

DMAC (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

EBSCO (Responsible Chucho)

Education Service Center Region VI

Gale Science in Context/Cengage (Responsible Chucho)

Imagine Learning (Responsible Principals)

IStation (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

IXL- Practice and Excel! (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

Raz-Kids (Learning A-Z Students) (Responsible Chucho)

Raz-Plus (Learning A-Z Teachers) (Responsible Chucho)

MAP (Responsibles Principals and Mr. Deal)

More Educator Tools and Resources

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer (Responsible Chucho)

Reading Eggs (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

Renaissance Learning (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

Starfall (Responsible Chucho)

STEMscopes (Responsibles Sharon Jackson (Bryan K-6), Robert Wilson (Bryan 7-8, Tidwell, Pinemont), Mr. Deal)

Study Island (Responsible Mr. Osgood)

Teachingbooks.net (Responsible Chucho)

Teacher Gradebook (Responsible Mrs. Carroll)

TEKS Resource System (Mr. Osgood)

Texas Assessment/Materials (Mr. Osgood)

Think Central (Texas Go Math K-5) (Responsibles Principals and Mr. Deal)

Holt McDougal Online (Texas Go Math 6-8) (Responsibles Principals and Mr. Deal)

WriteToLearn Student (Responsible Principals)

WriteToLearn Teacher (Responsible Principals)

Videos on Inventory

Video Inventory.pdf (Responsible Jerry Deal)

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