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Greetings to all students and parents of Brazos School of Inquiry & creativity. I would like to welcome all my returning and new students back to school online or in class.

My Name is Mr. Nunnery. I am your child's Physical Education/Health Teacher. I have 13 years of teaching/coaching experience that allows me to deliver my students the best possible classroom instruction and distance learning. I hold two degrees; an Associate's Degree from Kilgore Junior College and a Bachelor's Degree from Lamar University. One fun fact about myself is that I'm a former professional basketball athlete that toured with "The World Famous Harlem Globetrotter's" and also won a Championship in in Kaposvar, Hungary.

I'm very greatful to be your child's P.E. teacher as we grow and get familiar with distance learning. We will be face with different challenges as we embrace being away from the gym/classroom area, but we are here together. I will be listing our daily exercises that will change bi-weekly or monthly. I will also be reaching out to you and your child once a week to make contact by email, video chat and other media technolgy to bridge the gap that we may be facing in this new era. You can contact me at any time by email:

Thank you,

Coach Nunnery

***Plans For The First Six Weeks For On Campus Students***

1st-6th Graders

All students will be advised to wear a face mask during P.E. class whenever in close area and can't avoid  proximity of 6 feet distance. All P.E. students will be reporting straight outside to start class for the first six weeks until farther notice. P.E. area in back of the school by basketball goals, will be used for stretching and playing area. Six feet social distance stickers have been placed on the ground for designated workout area.

Physical Education Supplies:

All students will be required to bring a small workout bag that should consist of the following items:

*Personal Hand Sanitizer

*Personal Water Bottle For Dehydration

*Personal Jump Rope

*Personal Towel for Hygiene
****Personal Ball Cap Is Recommended****
*For the First Six Weeks we will be focusing on the different fundamentals of jumping rope and practicing social distancing and working out wearing their mask.
All students must be able to demonstrate different jumps and rhythm using their personal Jump ropes.
Developmental Jumps:
-one foot jumps
-two feet jumps
-gallop with alternated one foot jumps
-running and jumping
Advance Jumps:
-bicycle jumps
-vertical 6 inch high jump
-advance two feet speed jumps
-advance alternated one foot speed jumps
-lateral two feet jumps (side to side while jumping)
Daily 50 Min.
Physical Education Work Out
Aug. 24 -Sept.14

Pre-k4 Thru 6th Graders

***15 min warm up stretches***
  • -20 second count for each of the following stretches:
  • Arm Rotations Forward & Backwards, Chain Breakers, Neck Rotation both directions, Standing Toe Touches, Feet Apart Toe Touches, Right hand to left foot, Left Hand to Right Foot, Seated Straight Leg Toe Touches, Seated Feet Apart Toe Touches,  Right Hand to Left foot, Left Hand to Right Foot, Right Leg In Toe Touches, Left Leg In Toe Touches, Hurdle Stretches Right Leg Back forward Toe Touches then Lay Backwards, Hurdle Stretches Left Leg Back forward Toe Touches then Lay Backwards, Butterfly Stretch.
  • Now that we have finished our stretching, let’s begin a safe indoor/outdoor cardio exercise
10-15 Minute Cardio Workout
  • Running/Jogging/Walking in place for 45 seconds with 20 seconds recovery time before next set.
45 secs. X 10 reps. = A healthy Heart Rate.
*Repeat this 10 times it should be equivalent to the distance of ¾ of a mile. But preferable I would like all of my students and parents to try to get out to a safe place and walk a mile in an open area if students are not being allowed outside to play for recreational time.
10-15 Minute Strength & Conditioning Workout
Each work out should be repeated for at least 2 sets (2 times) for the first 2 weeks then add another set increasing to 3 sets, (3 times) second 2 weeks
**Pre-k4 & Kinder's workout can be modified by half (1set,1time)** 
-20 Jumping Jacks X 2 Sets
-20 Push Ups  X 2 Sets
-20 Sit Ups X 2 Sets
-20 Lunges forward steps X 2 Sets
-20 Mountain Climbers X 2 Sets
-20 Cross Jacks X 2 Sets
-20 Squats X 2 Sets

**Minimum of 3 Times A Week For Best Results And Best Grade.**

(M/W/F)  or  (T/TH/F) 50 Minutes 3 days a week.

Brazos School of Inquiry & Creativity
Coach Nunnery



kids aerobics, click into the link below

Pre-K4 and Kinders

Ronald Nunnery

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