Cerasalind Scales


Hello Brazos Family!

I have reached out to you all and I am very proud that you guys are doing great under the circumstances that we are facing. It is very important that we keep the lines of communication open during this modified learning process. Along with the teacher assignment packets you were provided with supplemental aides and other resources to assist in meeting your assignment and IEP goals. I ask that the parents check their emails on a daily basis.

This week I will be sending you via email the IEP goals and all accommodations that we use to enrich your child's academic growth. If for some reason you want to pick this document up from the campus, it will be available to do so as well. I would like to follow a check- in schedule that will be as close to the times that I did pull-out sessions and worked with your child daily to meet learning expectations.

Please continue to work hard and use all resources and online programs that have been provided and recommended.

You will find in the Special Education Tool Kit

Dictionaries                     Assignment Organizers  

Highlighters                    Multiplication Charts

Calculators                     Key word chart for the operations in Math

Reading Overlays  

You will also find in your folder the following items.

Reference Charts FOR       

Weight and Measurement








* I have set up Duo Video calling on my cell phone as well I will be sending the invites to communicate via this method in the next few days we should all be conncected. I look forward to hearing from you all..

Cerasalind Scales

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