Employee Forms

Employee Forms

     Absence From Duty Request/Report.pdfTime Clock Edit Form.pdf
     Internet Safety Policy Employment Agreement.pdfHealth Insurance Information.pdf
     Employee Info Sheet.pdfDirect Deposit Form.pdf
     Employee Time Sheets.pdf

TRS Insurance Enrollment Application,

Change & Declination Form.pdf

     W4 for 2018.pdf
     Extra Duty Time Sheet.pdf

Policies and Procedures

     Absence Procedures & Policies.pdfFundraiser Procedures.pdf
     Emergency School Closing Procedures.pdfEvaluation Procedures.pdf
     Safety Drill Procedures.pdfPurchasing Procedures.pdf
     Class Club and Organization Accounting Procedures.pdfBusiness Travel Procedures(2018-2019).pdf       
     Field Trip Procedures.pdf

Purchase Orders

     Purchase Order Request Forms.pdfExpense Reimbursement.pdf
     Credit Card Request Forms.pdf

Travel and Reimbursements

     Travel Request.pdfBusiness Travel Form.pdf            
     Reimbursement of Travel.pdf

Other Forms

     Student Field Trip Parental Approval Form.pdfField Trip Approval Form.pdf
     Deposit From Class Club and Organizations.pdfFundraiser Approval.pdf
     Accounting Ledger Class Club and Organization.pdf

Non-Fillable Print Only Versions of Forms

Absence from Duty Report (9-1-2018)Extra Duty Time Sheet (9-1-2018)
Business Travel From (9-1-2018)Internet Safety Policy Employee Agreement
Credit Card Use Request (9-1-2018)Purchase Order (9-1-2018)
Deposit from Class Club and OrganizationsReimbursement of Travel (3-5-2019)
Direct Deposit (2018-2019)Time Clock Edit Form (9-1-2018)
Employee Information Sheet (5-22-18)Time Sheet
Expense Reimbursement (9-1-2018)Travel Request (3-5-2018)
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